10 Items in a Man’s Wardrobe That Drive Women Crazy


3. Vests over t-shirt should be banned. (Now if you pair it with a dress shirt – that’s a whole new story) Contrary to some people’s belief wearing a vest over a t-shirt does not make you look classier or smarter, or more fashionable. It just makes you look like an idiot. Who came up with this stupid combo? Is it the same person who decided to popularize the trilby hat but call it a fedora? Which brings me to my next point.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women3



4. Trilby hats. No, that’s not a fedora you’re wearing, you “nice guys” with neckbeards, that monstrosity you put on your head is most likely a trilby. Not only does it make you look foolish, but the fact that you keep calling it a fedora is proof of that.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women4

5. Super deep V-necks should be collected into a large pile and burned at the crossroads. What’s the logic behind these deep V-necks? What are you trying to show off? Your hairy man chest? No one wants to see that. And if you actually waxed to wear that disgusting shirt – sorry mate, you tortured yourself for the wrong cause.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women5



6. Short shorts may be a great way to show off your long and gorgeous legs, but let’s all be honest, they look ridiculous and don’t belong on a man. Men’s shorts should be either slightly higher than their knee or knee length. If you go shorter than that you better be out of this world fabulous and on a beach.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women6