10 Items in a Man’s Wardrobe That Drive Women Crazy


7. Flip flops are beach attire and are unacceptable in any other setting. You can’t just wear them to work, to brunch or just for a stroll on the street. You wouldn’t wear your swim trunks anywhere but at the beach would you? I don’t care how hot it might be outside, no one wants to see your man feet, so put some proper shoes on and deal with it.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women7



8. Huge belt buckles/plates look cheap and vulgar. What exactly are you trying to draw attention too? Belts have one function and that’s to hold up your trousers, and perhaps be a subtle accessory. Subtle being the key word here. So remember that next time you feel like buying a belt with a huge buckle.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women8

9. Lots of jewelry never looks good on a man. Multiple rings, bracelets, necklaces are a sign of bad taste. Who do you think you are? A pirate? Even Johnny Depp can’t really pull all that crazy jewelry off anymore, so you shouldn’t even try. Get yourself a nice watch and call it a day.
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women9



10. Super skinny jeans aren’t meant for men. It’s just doesn’t look right. There’s nothing wrong with well-fitted jeans that show off your butt, but you never want to wear skin-tight jeans. No one needs to see the outline of your junk. Plus, just think about ballet-dancers, they have perfect bodies and they still look silly in those leggings. Why would you want to put yourself through that?
10 Items in a Man's Wardrobe That Irritate Women10

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