10 Kid Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram


Too many parents don’t bother to find stylish outfits for their little kids because they don’t see the point. “They’ll grow out of it so quickly” is their usual line of reasoning. “Kids don’t care about what they’re wearing” and “they’ll ruin it within minutes” are also classic excuses parents use to make themselves feel better about not really putting effort into how their kids are dressed.


We get it, kids are a lot of work. You have to feed them, wash them, entertain them, educate them, care for them in so many ways that at the end of the day you barely have time to dress yourself, let alone pick a stylish outfit for a kid. But kids just look so much cuter when they’re dressed well, don’t they? And by dressed well we don’t mean, put all the colorful children clothes on them that have a gazillion patterns and drawings on them. We mean actually putting thought into it, and dressing them how you would ideally dress a stylish adult. There’s just something about the tiny proportions of their bodies that make them look that much cuter when wearing a stylish outfit.


So today we’re going to take a look at 10 fashionista kids you should definitely follow on Instagram. Maybe they’ll just give you something cute to look at, or perhaps inspire you to dress up your kid all nice and proper, at least on the weekends, or for special occasions.



1. London Scout
This little girl will win your heart over in a second. She’s cute, she’s stylish, she’s only 4 years old and she’s actually a litle model who’s signed with Generation model management. Her mom, known as Sai De Silva, runs the Instagram account scoutfashion for her (and occasionally appears in photos with her), and you better believe that this tiny 4 year old is way more stylish than you.



2. Kaan
Kaan is a 5 year old from Turkey. He’s a regular preschooler who likes having fun and apparently, according to his Instagram bio also loves pizza. He’s also got quite a distinctive style, preferring comfy casual clothes, but still looking stylish as hell.

3. Sparkle
This adorable little girl is only 3 and she’s already a style icon and a digital influencer. She’s extremely stylish and can pull off literally any look. It seems like you can put her in any outfit and she’ll make it work like magic. Her name is Summer, but her followers know her as Sparkle. What a fitting nickname for such a bright little star, don’t you think?



4. Birdie
Birdie is a little girl from Ireland. She’s one of 5 siblings and she’s got an amazing sense of style. Or perhaps her mother does. Either way, she dresses in mostly monochrome colors, which looks really cool and unique. In fact, as an adult, you might still feel jealous of her outfits.

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