10 Most Beautiful Looks Of The AMAs


5. Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy’s look showed off her phenomenal bod – some might say a little too much! The black, high-slitted Yousef Akbar dress might win the award for highest slit ever (ribcage height, but the supermodel rocked it with the utmost charm as she always does, even crediting an oopsy moment to her laser hair remover in LA!



6. Ciara
Pregnant has never looked as good as it does on Ciara who looks like a damn glowing duchess in this luxurious gown, the bottom half of which also doubles as a very comfortable blanket. The Stephanie Rolland gown is fitted and long sleeve, with a two-tone black and white skirt that is billowing and looks magnificent on her, especially with that satin pump.

7. Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee also nails the youthful-sexy look, as always, with this plunging turquoise romper. The bedazzled teal look, complete with cape and chunky belt, are both less serious than a gown, but still consistent with true diva style (especially that bold plump lip!” Also, the playsuit has pockets, so what’s not to love? Keep their jaws droppin’ and a place for your iPhone.



8. Taraji P Henson
This look truly screams “I look amazing just rolling out of bed, and here is proof”. She really doesn’t care with this look, but somehow rocks it with more sass than any of the more intense couture. A simple unbuttoned dress shirt peeking through to a black bra and a diamond necklace looks like she’s wearing her boyfriend’s shirt the morning after a debaucherous night out. The Celine look with a pulled back center part and a super long pony were so flawless.