10 Most Beautiful Looks Of The AMAs


9. Karlie Kloss
This look was a bit less drastic than some of the dresses on the red carpet – it has a contemporary and asymmetrical look with a high neck, playing with levels and shapes in two different shades of blue. A young but stylish look that was perfect with her pulled back updo. Socks and heels complete the unique look, don’t you think?

10. Halsey
Halsey rocked this unconventional all-white look and looked like a feminist Bond girl. The mod look, paired with long white nails and glitter eyeshadow made for a sparking, edgy look that we adore. Super fierce and androgynous, but still lets her flaunt her feminine wiles. A belted, skintight jumpsuit is hard to pull off, but this mega babe managed it easily.

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