10 Tricks That Will Make Your Makeup Application Easy And Flawless


Makeup can do miracles if you know how to use it to your advantage. It’s also something that’s fun to play around with and use to express yourself. But not everyone is a makeup artist, and it’s not unusual for people to get frustrated when they don’t get the desired result on the first try. Well we decided to make your life a bit easier and compiled a list of 10 tricks that will make your makeup application easy and flawless.



1. Put your eye makeup on first and foundation second. It’s not what we see in commercials or movies, but it’s a lifesaver if you struggle with eye-shadow fall out. This way, if you mess up, and you need to clean something up or your eyeshadow ends up on your face, it’s not a problem. You can just wipe it away without worrying you’ll mess up your flawless foundation.



2. Make your lips look fuller by using highlighter and concealer. All you need to do is apply your lipliner and lipstick as usual, but then trace the outside of your lips with concealer and add a bit of highlight on the areas you want to stand out.

3. If you’re annoyed by how long it takes to take off waterproof mascara this trick is for you. Apply a layer of normal mascara first and then a second layer of waterproof mascara. This way your lashes are still looking amazing and aren’t afraid of water, but it’ll take way less time to wash off your mascara in the evening.



4. If you’ve gone a bit too far with bronzer or blush, don’t worry, you don’t have to take it all off and start from scratch, you can just put on a bit of powder on top and that will lessen the intensity of the color of your blush or bronzer.

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