8 Wedding Dresses for the Nontraditional Bride


3. Grecian goddesses, rejoice! Every classy hippie will be dying to wear this to her ceremony. Is it a train, or just one of the many layers that this siren-inspired gown has, simply floating in the wind? We’ll never know, and with a flawless neckline like that, don’t really care. Just need it in our closets ASAP. This looks like something that belongs in the MET, and the free-flowing silhouette is completed with perfection. Made for a ceremony where you both wade into the water to profess your love.

4. This two piece take on a wedding dress is absolutely flawless, and we love the color story. The sheer and embroidered bottom piece shows some sexy leg, while the crop silver top and skirt waistline contrast against the pale pink bodice underneath. Rock it with a clean bun like this chick did and people will be staring, we promise.