8 Wedding Dresses for the Nontraditional Bride


7. Both flawless options for dresses – one is a modern pantsuit with a cape, and the other is a slightly more traditional dress that’s saved by a high middle slit almost mimicking the pantsuit, and a sheer top with strategically placed embroidery that leaves us wanting more. The pantsuit look is a bold power movie, but still super feminine and elegant – looks like something fit for a queen! The one on the right is a little more feminine, but with its unexpected details, absolutely breathtaking as well.

8. Wow. Loving the French braids that this style is paired with! A super unique and modern look that combines white frill and lace with edgy nakedness. The sheer sleeves, back, and lower leg area almost mimic a negligee, mixed with some steampunk Victorian inspiration. Lingerie goes bridal-wear has never looked better.

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