A Dutch Designer Is Turning Mouthwatering Food Into Hot Accessories


A designer in the Netherlands is turning delicious foods into accessories (mostly purses and clutches), and we are obsessed with it. The pieces are so realistic, you’ll be startled and need to take a second look. They’re available on Etsy and a bit expensive (since they’re painstakingly handmade) and make the perfect gift (or treat-yo’self purchase!)



1. Nothing hits the spot like a massive, cheesy slice of pizza. This pepperoni slice is oh so dreamy and you don’t have to worry about junk food calories, because you can rock your love for carbs as a fashion statement instead!



2. The designer experimented with some food in motion here, and it turned out absolutely breathtaking! A falling bowl of fruit loops in milk has never looked so good! We like it way better in this form as opposed to on our counter, and want this clever purse immediately.

3. An ice cream cone this big in real life would be too much to tackle, but it looks super stylish in the form of a triple scoop purse! The pastels would be perfect for spring, and we feel like this is something Katy Perry would love to get her hands on.

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