Amal Clooney’s Best Maternity Style Moments


As the world ushers in Amal and George’s twins Alexander and Ella, we look back on brunette beauty Amal’s most iconic style moments while she donned her baby bump. Her looks are full-on #stylegoals, maternity or not, and while you won’t be able to emulate them with the price tag, you can try out the discount version at home!



1. This was the infamous dress that started those pregnancy rumors and whispers of, ‘is there a little bump she’s hiding under that loose shift?”. She looked fabulous with her teeny-tiny start of a bump in this lovely Dolce & Gabbana piece.



2. This Bottega Venetta ensemble with leather piping was an unusual look for Amal, and it’s so Megan from Mad Men. We adore this color and silhouette on her paired with dark sunnies and stilettos. She wore it to the UN and was most definitely the best dressed there.

3. We love how Amal plays with textures of pink in yet another Bottega Veneta look (homegirl knows what works for her!). A blush cashmere coat is paired with a velvet dress to throw us optical illusions and make it hard to spot a baby bump. Sneaky!

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