Naked Dresses: How The Most Confident Celebs Show Off Their Curves


Out at an event or a red carpet if you’re surrounded by celebs who are all trying to look unique and dressed up? Easy – you wear a naked dress.
Some people consider these dresses to be vulgar, others think they’re very elegant and feminine. One thing is for sure – you’ve got to have a pretty awesome body and a lot of confidence to pull off a look like that.



1. Naked dresses were around for ages, but their popularity definitely skyrocketed after 2010. Jennifer Lopez was one of the first modern Hollywood celebs to give naked dresses a chance, and it looks like she’s been loving them ever since. Look at how incredible she looked in her naked dress at The Golden Globes in 2013.



2. American Music Awards 2015



3. MET Gala 2015



4. Oscars After Party 2015



5. Billboard Music Awards 2015

6. Beyonce also loves showing off her curves in naked dresses. And she always look like a queen in them. Even when she’s very pregnant with twins at the Grammy’s this year.



7. MET Gala 2012



8. Grammys 2014



9. MET GALA 2015



10. Kim Kardashian isn’t a stranger to showing off her body either. It seems like every time we see her on a red carpet she’s dressed in something super tight or see through. But then again, she does have incredible body proportion that many dream off, so we don’t blame her for wanting to show the world what she’s got. Remember what she wore to the GQ Awards 2014?



11. MET Gala 2015



12. LACMA Art + Film Gala 2015



13. Vogue 100 Gala Dinner 2016

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