7 Celebs Who Prove That Wearing Shorts Is the Big Fashion Trend of Summer 2017


There’s nothing better than wearing a pair of short shorts when the weather gets hot. They’re way more practical than a mini-skirt and celebs have caught on to that. In fact there’s a bunch of celebs who love wearing short shorts so much that they wear them to any occasion. It’s just a part of their style now. Can you guess which celebs we’re talking about?



1. Taylor Swift
Taylor is also a huge fan of shorts. How could she not be with gorgeous long legs like that? We wonder how many pairs of short shorts does she own, cause it seems like she has a pair for every occasion. We’ve definitely seen her wear short shorts for her performances and red carpets, but she never gets sick of them. Look at her sporting a preppy, classy and casual look, all complete with a pair of shorts.



2. Selena Gomez
Selena also loves short shorts. She’s often seen around town wearing a casual outfit that involves a pair of ripped denim short shorts. She also loves incorporating shorts into classy, glam evening outfits like you can see above. Isn’t it cool how she wore all black but added a pop of color with her shoes? And, obviously, we’ve all seen her wear shorts and very short jumpsuits on stage, like this sparkly purple one.

3. Kylie Jenner
Kylie is an absolute master of taking something so casual as short shorts and making them look incredible. Even her most casual outfit (on the left) looks very well put together. In the middle picture you can see her wearing tiny black shorts, a tube top and a monochromatic jacket – a great combo for a night out. And on the left she looks fit for a meeting in the office, even though she’s still wearing shorts.

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