This Is How Disney Characters Would Look Like As Your Favorite Fashion Icons


Mary Beth Ditto has a whole lot of sexy body, and no cartoon character can really do her justice as well as the voluptuous Ursula of the Little Mermaid. In this cleavage-bearing, luxurious outfit, playing the villain has never looked so tempting.



Couple goals much? What to call them? Johnatontas? Po-John? Either way, this awesome couple in the Balmain outfits originally worn by models Cindy Bruna and Lucky Blue rocks the runaway.

Jasmine flaunts her curves in this butterfly theme Victoria’s Secret outfit that would drive any man wild. Well, Gigi Hadid did drive men wild when she wore this, but we think the voluminous brunette mane and gold hoop earrings give a very feisty flair to the look.



Another voluminous brunette is ready to give Jasmine a run for her money, though; Esmerelda is a tanned and sexy Kendall in this fittingly gypsy-esque look. She throws that train with such sass, and we love that glimmer of mischief n her eye. Definition of fabulous.

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