10 Desserts That Prove Indian Sweets Are The Most Delicious In The World


7. Modak
Modak is a sweet dumpling made of rice flour, khalva, and filled with fresh grated coconut and jaggery. Modak can be cooked two ways. It can either be fried or steamed. When steamed these sweet dumplings are usually consumed while they’re still warm and topped with ghee.



8. Shrikhand
Shrikhand is a dessert usually served cold. It’s made by straining yogurt under pressure and then mixing it with sugar, and spices and left in the fridge for the sugar to dissolve. It’s often flavored by sweet fruit like mango, which gives it a nice vibrant color.

9. Kaju Katli
Kaju Katli is a delicious Indian dessert made of cashew nuts. It’s usually made by thickening milk with sugar, spices and blended cashews. Kaju Katli are basically little pieces of cashew fudge, and if you haven’t tried it yet – you definitely should.



10. Malpua
Malpua is essentially an Indian version of a pancake. It’s usually flavored with coconut and various spices like cardamom. It can be served on its own, drenched in syrup or with different fruit toppings. It’s also quite common to have it topped with cashew cream.

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