10 Most Unique Ice-Creams In The World


Who doesn’t like ice-cream? That sweet cold treat will get you through a hot summer day, a hard day at work, and even a break up. You’d think a good old tub of Ben & Jerry’s is all you need. But turns out some ice-cream makers have gone above and beyond to make your ice-cream not only delicious, but also unique and visually stunning. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique ice-creams in the world.



1. Flower Gelato in Australia
If you love flowers and you love ice-cream, this beautiful mix will be just the thing for you. Originally flower gelato is from Italy, but the ice-cream makers at i-Creamy in Sydney, Australia have taken it upon themselves to make the prettiest flower ice-cream cones in the world. It’s truly a feast not only for the tummy but also for the eyes.



2. Ice-Cream on a Cloud in London
If you want to experience the magic of ice-cream served up on a cloud you better get yourself to London. Milk Train is the place for you. They make these yummy and magical looking ice-cream cones that will impress not just your tastebuds.

3. Coconut Ash Ice Cream from New York
Morgenstern’s is a very cool ice-cream parlor in New York that makes several kinds of ice-cream and even pastries and pies. But this coconut ash ice-cream became their biggest hit, probably due to how unusual it looks. I mean, it’s black ice-cream. How cool is that?



4. Fish Ice-Cream in NY
New York never sleeps. This city is always up for something new and interesting, and fish ice-cream is one of those things. This ice-cream originated in Korea, but since US is a melting pot of cultures it’s not out of place in New York either. Don’t worry, the ice-cream doesn’t taste like fish, but it is served in a fish shaped waffle-cone.

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