10 Mouthwatering Crepe Recipes To Up Your Brunch Skills


Any time of the year, crepes are an amazing sweet or savory meal that hits the spot every time. A lighter and more delicate version of pancakes, they are so versatile to experiment with fillings, flour types, and more. Surprise your loved ones or treat yo’self this season with a decadent range of crepes chosen just for you.



1. Pumpkin Crepes with Dark Chocolate Sauce
Pumpkin is a delicious flavor that doesn’t have to just be a seasonal fad – this scrumptious recipe with a dark chocolate sauce proves that. Inspired by pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, this author hit the recipe out of the ballpark, we think!



2. Better than Paris Crepes
This recipe claims to give you crepes that are better than the ones in Paris! That’s a hefty statement that we think the Parisians might have some strong opinions about, so you’d better try out this simple but supposedly magnificent recipe so decide for yourself!

3. Grilled Cheese Crepes with Chard and Dill
These are more on the savory side, and man, do we want to devour a pile of them! Dill adds an elegant twist to every meal, and the elegant crepe is the perfect thing to marry it with. Take your grilled cheese up a notch by cooking it in this tasty crepe with chard.



4. Lemon Cheesecake Crepes
Are you a cheesecake fan? Then this lemon cheesecake crepe recipe will have you over the moon. It’s not as over the top as it seems, we promise! Just a well-flavored filling (with the secret of instant cheesecake pudding mix) makes this so silky but easy!

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