10 Unusual And Tasty Sandwiches Around The World


This is a doner kebab! It somewhat resembles a falafel, but there’s meat inside, and the flatbread is a little thicker and fluffier with more of a bite to it, called Lavash.. It’s a popular sandwich in Turkey, and shawarma meat fans will adore this for sure. It was created and popularized in Istanbul by a man called Beyti Guer, and we have him to thank for the nation and world wide spreading of the scrumptious doner kebab.
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This is definitely not the most elegant sandwich on the list, but you can’t deny the yumminess of a sub filled with hot peppers, melty cheese and meat. Thinly sliced steak fills up this long roll that Philly is famous for. This is meant to be a sloppy sandwich, so pile on those ingredients! Sizzling goodness. ‘Merica.
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In Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, an omelette sandwich called a “Roti John” exists. It will elevator your egg sandwich game to the next level. Minced mutton or chicken are piled on, along with onion, egg, and a delectable tomato-chilli sauce. A rich and exotic street food that looks truly irresistible!
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This is a chivito, a sandwich in Uruguay. This whopper might look impossible to take a bite of, but wouldn’t you like to try? It’s basically a filet mignon sandwich, garnished with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayo and olives, sometimes with bacon and eggs. “Chivito” means “the little goat” and it’s called that because a woman from Argentina requested a similar dish in Uruguay, but with goat meat. The Uruguayan chef provided the only alternative at the restaurant: filet mignon.
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