12 Amazing Cake Mix Cookie Recipes – They Only Take 20 Minutes To Make!


Here the blog Taste and Tell shows us how to make 12 amazingly diverse and soft cookies that involve only 4 ingredients, and take only 20 minutes to make! Each type is so different and tastes like you bought it from a bakery – a perfect holiday gift or treat to bring to a party! Different mixes and add-ins for different textures – there’s something for every craving.



1. Strawberry Mix + Coconut Flakes
This tropical combination looks so cute – perfect for a bachelorette party or bachelor shower, and a taste that’ll make you think you’re in the Bahamas when it’s actually freezing outside.



2. Butter Pecan Mix + Butterscotch Chips
Mmm… fans of all things buttery, life is about to get a whole lot better. The texture must be creamy and crumbly, while those chips look like a jolt of delectable sweetness.

3. Cherry Chip Mix + Chocolate Chips
An unusual twist on the chocolate chip cookie. Cherries are delicious, chocolate is delicious, and chocolate covered cherries are delicious, so why would these cookies be anything less than amazing?



4. Chocolate Andes Mix + Mints
Mint chocolate chip fans, rejoice! These cookies look fat, gooey, and choco-licious. Those chocolates look like such melty goodness and we can see some devious mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches being made in the near future.

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