12 Amazing Vacation Destinations Depending On Your Zodiac Sign


Whether you believe in the significance of Zodiac signs or not, you’ve got to admit reading horoscopes can be fun occasionally. It’s all about your attitude really. But what about making decisions based on your Zodiac sign? Have you ever done that, or do you think that’s going too far? Well we suggest you try picking a vacation destination based on your Zodiac sign. Before you have a chance to freak out or say something along the lines of “what if my friends are all different Zodiac signs, huh?”, let us reassure you that all of these places we suggest you visit are amazing, and a lot of Zodiac signs share certain traits, so don’t worry, there’s a place for everyone.



1. Aries – Bali, Indonesia
Bali is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s pretty much a paradise for Aries. It has stunning landscapes, sandy beaches to relax on, pagodas and temples to explore and even an active volcano Kintamani that you can hike on. Basically there’s everything an adventurous Aries could ever want and more. And once you’re done exploring, Bali also offers a great variety of SPAs and a pretty fun nightlife.



2. Taurus – Paris, France
Paris is a great destination for those who are looking to see art and culture. A visit to the Louvre will offer a chance to see some exquisite art. Taurus is bound to enjoy the incredible architecture of Paris and a visit to the Bastille and Versaille will make them happy. This Zodiac sign also loves luxury, so Paris is a perfect spot for them. After all it’s known for it’s luxurious cuisine, delicious desserts and incredible wine. Plus, just walking through Paris with a cigarette in hand makes one feel like a king.

3. Gemini – Cape Town, South Africa
Cape town is the best place to visit in South Africa if this is your first time going. The city has a lot to offer and a wide variety of interesting sights and party places that would please even the pickiest vacationer. Cape Town is a city with a very interesting mix of cultures, so you’re bound to try some delicious foods and the music scene here is amazing. History buffs might enjoy The District Six Museum and the ability to see Nelson Mandela’s jail cell. Cape Town also offers a lively nightlife, delicious cuisines and some amazing wine from the vineyards. Geminis and their dual nature will appreciate the fact that Cape town has a metropolitan area for those who can’t live without the hustle and bustle of the city and picturesque locations for those who love the nature. It really has it all.



4. Cancer – Nantucket, Massachusetts
Cancers are known for loving comfort and essentially being homebodies. They want their vacations to be as cosy as possible, so Nantucket is the perfect destination for them. It’s quaint, cosy and very laid back. It’s an awesome place to escape to, if you want to leave the busy city crowds and noises behind and just unwind. There’s seaside cottages that will make Cancers want to move here, there’s slightly weird but yummy snacks, beautiful inns and lovely boutique stores. Everything about Nantucket is quaint, calm and very chill.

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