12 Unexpected Things You Should Be Doing To Your Eggs


Create egg clouds
Eggs devaux is a pretty old school trick that has been forgotten by many of us. You can easily create an insanely fluffy omelet with a perfectly runny yolk inside. All you need to do is whip your whites separately and then add the yolk. Cook – and you’re good to go! Here’s the full video.



Bread and fry poached eggs
Everything is better when pan-fried, right? Whether it’s dumplings or poached eggs – the taste will change drastically! Dip your poached eggs in some bread and deep fry them. Et Voila! Check out the video for more details.

Make a yummy omelet soufflé
Whipping your egg whites can do wonders for the omelet – just try it! You’ll end up with a light and ribbon omelet that tastes like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Here’s the video to see how it’s done.



Pickle eggs
Have you ever thought pickling eggs was a good idea? We certainly haven’t. But according to this recipe it can be done in no time and you’ll only need 5 ingredients to transform your usual eggs into these lovely beauties. It’s worth a try!