12 Unexpected Things You Should Be Doing To Your Eggs


Poach eggs in hot oil
Poached eggs are kind of ideal when cooked in water, but you can turn them into ABSOLUTE perfection if you cook them in a fryer filled with oil. They’ll become brown, crispy and incredibly yummy! This video reveals all the ins and outs.



Brulee your eggs
Have you ever thought you could torch soft boiled eggs? Well, you certainly can! And you should because the unexpected texture along with the caramelized flavor turn simple eggs into a gourmet treat. Here is how you do it!

Cured yolks
What happens if you cure leftover yolks in salt and sugar? Something really delicious! You can add them on top of pastas or grate to add a buttery flavor to any dish. Plus, they look amazing! You can easily make them with this recipe.



An omelet in a bag
Yep, as crazy as it may sound, boiling an omelet in a bag is actually a good idea. It’s a quick (and fun!) way to cook an omelet that tastes a bit different from everything you’ve ever tried before. Just follow these steps!

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