16 Extreme Milkshakes You’ll Want To Try This Summer


Is there anything better on a hot summer’s day than a cold sweet milkshake? Yes! An extreme milkshake. What is an extreme milkshake I hear you ask? It’s a milkshake taken to a whole new level. Don’t expect this to be healthy or good for you. It’s probably gonna give you a sugar rush or send you into a sugar coma, but hey, once you see these extreme milkshakes you’ll know it’s totally worth it.



1. Extreme Milkshakes by AlanaBread
Let’s start with truly extreme milkshakes, shall we? Why limit yourself to just whipped cream as a topping when you can put 5 donuts on top of your milkshake? Go the extra mile and shock your body with a mix of sweet and savory flavors by topping a milkshake with a massive extreme burger or a whole roasted chicken.



2. Milkshakes by XSespresso
Double the childhood nostalgia by adding a Kinder Surprise on top of the milkshake. And top it off with some cotton candy and a generous helping of sprinkles. This milkshake is basically your childhood in a mason jar.



3. Fluffy Magic by BlackTap
Speaking of cotton candy, it’s the perfect topping for your fluffy milkshake. Especially if it’s arranged in pastel rainbow cloud and decorated with lots of sweet candy. That combo should be enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

4.Oreo & S’mores “Everything” Milkshake by ForkToBelly
Be careful what you wish for, because next time you say “give me a milkshake with everything” you might just get what you ask for. Fork To Belly’s milkshake has both oreos, s’mores, chocolate, ice-cream and biscuits in it. What else could you possibly need?



5. Not Your Mother’s Milkshake by roseblvd
You might think these milkshakes aren’t as extreme compared to the others, after all they just have one donut on top, but what you don’t know is that they have a generous amount of both white and milk chocolate in them, not to mention the obscene amount of sprinkes.



6.Crazy Tim Shakes by Arnotts
Have you tried Tim Tams? These incredible australian chocolates are truly a delicious treat. They’re great on their own, but once you put them into your milkshake you’ll never want to go back to your regular milkshake. You’ll want Crazy Tim Shakes every day.

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