5 Safest and 5 Most Dangerous Countries For Women Alone


5. Australia
Ok, so we can’t really vouch for all of Australia for being safe. After all they do have all of the scary insects, spiders, snakes, sharks and all sorts of animals there, which aren’t really safe for anyone. However, we can totally vouch for Melbourne as a perfectly safe city to visit. It’s so safe that you can even walk alone at night and not worry about anything at all. It’s also a great location to start exploring Australia. It’s got lots of museums, galleries, parks, theaters and shopping centers. Victorian architecture, and the artistic culture will definitely catch your eyes, and the live music performances Melbourne is known for will make you want to keep coming back for more. Also the food here is absolutely incredible, so if you’re a foodie, you’ll love Melbourne.


Now that we’ve mentioned a couple of safe places, let’s talk about some countries you probably shouldn’t visit on your own.


1. Turkey
While Turkey has always been a popular location for travelers wanting to chill on the beach and have a relaxing time, it’s not the safest place to be if you want to travel alone, unless you want to just stay in your hotel for the duration of the entire trip. There’s been quite a few terrorist attacks there lately, and after the alleged coup the situation in the country is really unstable. Plus, if you’re a woman alone in Turkey, there’s a very high chance you’ll get harassed.

2. Egypt
Egypt has a lot of beautiful sights to see, but unfortunately it’s just not safe for ladies solo. Recent terrorist attacks have made the country unstable and unsafe in general, but on top of that, when it comes to the safety of women, there’s a high risk of robbery, rape, sexual harassment and even kidnapping. So it’s probably best not to travel there on your own.