5 Safest and 5 Most Dangerous Countries For Women Alone


3. India
India is a beautiful country with a rich culture, art scene and delicious cuisine. But unfortunately it’s also famous for not being safe for solo female travelers. Women risk getting raped, robbed, harassed or ever murdered here. Rape has become such a huge problem here that Indian Tourism Minister advised female tourists not to wear skirts. That remark has been seen as highly controversial and he’s been criticized for saying that, but the fact remains – India isn’t the best place for a woman if she’s on her own.



4. Colombia
Colombia has a ridiculously high rate of homicide, femicide, rape, and sexual assaults. In fact, it’s got the highest rate of homicide in South America. The worst thing is that the law enforcement isn’t really helping. The attackers rarely get prosecuted and women who have become victims of sexual assault have trouble getting help or medical treatment. There just isn’t enough medical facilities, and the ones that exist lack interest in caring for people after such an attack.

5. Brazil
Brazil have managed to live through the 2016 Olympics, but the country is still unstable and struggling. The crime rates are still through the roof. The country’s economy is still in shambles, which means that tourist are often becoming victims of armed robbery, armed assault, burglary, theft and women often become victims of sexual assault. On top of that, there’s still a problem of pollution, infectious diseases and political unrest.

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