8 Must Visit Places in India


You can’t let yourself leave the country until you visit Agra. Yes, we know that sometimes visiting ‘popular’ places can be overrated but come on, it is the Taj Mahal we are talking about and you have to see it. Come for the Taj Mahal and stay to see the Agra Fort, the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah, and the gorgeous Fatehpur Sikri, a small town west of Agra. No matter where you go you will have to fight tourists like yourself. Our advice is to be patient and count your blessings – you are about to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue your journey on to Jodhpur. There is no need to be blue (see what I did there?). Most buildings in Jodhpur are different shades of the color blue. That is where the city gets its nickname from: The Blue City. At this point anywhere you go in India you will see monuments, and mosques, and temples that are thousands of years old. Jodhpur has something else to offer: the city has a very well-developed craft industry so it will be a perfect opportunity to stock up on those souvenirs!