9 Most Beautiful Airports Around The World


You don’t usually hear the words “breathtaking” and “airport” in the same sentence. Airports are associated with anxious travelers, ugly fluorescent lighting, and an oddly cold feeling that makes the travelling experience even more anxiety inducing. Well, these airports are beautiful enough to make you actually enjoy the experience. They’re still connectors between cities, but they’re also pieces of art. Be sure to check these airports off your bucket list!



1. Denver International Airport
You wouldn’t think that this picturesque tipi dwelling against a mountain range would be anywhere close to the US – but it’s right in Denver! The peaks glow against the Rockies for an unbeatable sight, and looks more like a remote village than a manmade piece (which it is, by architect Curtis Fentress). In reality, its white Teflon-coated fiber glass meant to imitate the mountain range. Trippy.



2. Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain
This colorful and majestic airport with integrated skylight diffusers looks more epic than a museum! The mixture of undulating and stark structures inside the terminals along with the open, natural light would make this airport a treat to visit, not a bore!

3. Marrakesh Menara Airport, Morocco
People have likened this airport to a huge, sugar-laced cake, and it’s hard to disagree. The lace-like designs actually imitate the mosaic designs found in Islamic architecture, and it also lets the light in quite beautifully. It hosts 4 million passengers a year, and the colossal size along with the design make this a selfie lover’s dream come true.

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