9 Places You Never Thought To Visit (But Really Should)


4. Kenya (Ngorongoro Crater)
Let’s be honest, when you hear Kenya you can’t help but imagine one of those countries Angelina Jolie would go on a vacation to and adopt a couple of kids while she’s at it. But Kenya is much more than that. It’s a great place to go on a safari and see wild animals like lions, elephants and rhinos in their natural habitat. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a place in Kenya that is especially beautiful because it’s one of the few places on our planet that hasn’t been altered by humans. It’s a protected area that’s a World Heritage Site, and it contains a huge volcanic caldera.



5. Vanuatu (Yasur Volcano)
Vanuatu is a great place to go to if you like swimming, diving or scuba diving. The nation is made up of over 80 islands and there’s coral reefs and sunken sheeps you can explore. It’s a great place for an unusual and interesting beach vacation. It’s also one of the few places on earth where you can witness an eruption volcano. Mount Yasur has been erupting for 3 years non stop, a couple of times an hour.

6. Myanmar
Lots of people travel to Asia, but few actually go to Myanmar. Perhaps the reason for that is the confusion with the name. You see, Myanmar used to be called Burma. Myanmar has a lot of visually stunning, and culturally exciting things to offer. Their places of worship called Pagoda are especially fascinating and beautiful. The most popular way of seeing those is taking a ride on a hot air balloon. How exciting is that?