9 Places You Never Thought To Visit (But Really Should)


7. Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Russia isn’t the most popular travel destination, at least right now, due to their political situation. Also, it’s a huge country and trying to see all of it would be very difficult so people usually go to the capital. Not the worst choice, but if you really want to see the best of what Russia has to offer you should visit Saint Petersburg. It’s truly the cultural capital of Russia, with many museums, theaters and interesting art exhibitions. It’s a place mostly associated with painters, poets, writers and various artist.



8. Mongolia
Mongolia was very sheltered during the times of the Soviet Union and traveling to Mongolia was almost impossible. These days it’s slowly but surely moving towards being a tourist friendly country. Mongolia is a very unique place. It offers those lucky ones who get to visit gorgeous scenery, rich culture, vast untouched landscapes and a look at nomadic lifestyle, which is unusual these days.

9. Yunnan (old town of Lijiang)
Yunnan is a province in China that few tourists get to see, which is a shame. It’s a place where you can see huge rice terraces, beautiful lakes and snow-tipped mountains all at once. The old town of Lijiang is a particularly interesting city to visit. It used to be a huge commercial centre back in the 13th century, and a lot of the buildings and streets in the city have remained unchanged since then. Visiting Lijiang is like traveling back in time, in the best way possible.

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