#Creamart – Amazing Coffee Art from South Korea


Kangbin Lee is a barista from South Korea who creates coffee masterpieces which he calls Creamart. His coffee looks more like a painting rather than your regular cup of coffee; no wonder he posts his creations to Instagram to share with the world. Kangbin has 10 years of experience creating fascinating images. He has never learned to draw but it is clear that he has natural talent. The surprising fact is that Creamart is done on cold coffee.



This delicate flower will brighten up the day of anyone. It is so beautiful that you will not want to drink it.



Kangbin is a Disney fan! Here he has recreated the scene from Little Mermaid and it looks fabulous. Many of his followers suggest new Disney character to depict on coffees.

Van Gogh has found an apprentice in this talented barista.



Coffee which looks like cherry blossom? In 3D? No problem! It’s amazing how popcorn and some coloring make it stand out.



Have you tried a coffee explosion? That’s how it looks like but according to the barista it’s just a fancy butterscotch coffee. In his Instagram post he mentions that it is the most popular type of coffee at his coffee shop.

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