Creative Mum Finds A Way To Make Kids Eat Their Veggies


Every parent can relate to the struggle of getting their kid to eat something healthy. Kids are often picky eaters and a lot of the time they just want junk food and sweets. Getting them to eat a vegetable, fruit or a salad sometimes can feel downright impossible. Saying “open up your mouth, a plane is about to land” doesn’t work forever, and sooner or later children figure out that it’s not a plane, but really a spoon full of veggies. So what are the parents supposed to do then?
creative-mum-finds-a-way-to-make-kids-eat-their-veggies-01 creative-mum-finds-a-way-to-make-kids-eat-their-veggies-02

One mum in Melbourne decided to take a creative approach to feeding her son. Instead of trying to fool him into eating veggies by lying, or just convincing him that they taste good or that they’re healthy and good for his body – she decided to actually make his meals look “good enough to eat”.
creative-mum-finds-a-way-to-make-kids-eat-their-veggies-03 creative-mum-finds-a-way-to-make-kids-eat-their-veggies-04 creative-mum-finds-a-way-to-make-kids-eat-their-veggies-05

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