LOVE POTION: 10 Romantic Cocktails for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s time to prepare for the most romantic holiday of the year. You might think that it’s weird to get all pumped up and do extremely romantic stuff just on this particular day, but the truth is this is just another opportunity to celebrate your relationships. So why not treat yourself and your partner to some yummy things that will make you both happy and relaxed? Cocktails are an incredible way to bond, unhinge and try something new and different. If you’re preparing some tasty dishes for your loved one, it will become a great addition to the table. Some of these cocktails are real masterpieces and you wouldn’t need anything else to impress your better half. Throw in a few light snacks, prepare one of these mind-blowing cocktails, and you’re good to go! Here are 10 romantic cocktails that taste like love potions.



Raspberry Moscato
This raspberry Moscato cocktail has a gentle taste and beautiful color that reads ‘love’ like no other. Combined with gorgeous heart-shaped ice cubes, this drink will become a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day table.



Cherry Bourbon Manhattan
Manhattan is a classic drink that is great for all occasions, both festive and not so much. To make it truly stand out, decorate your Manhattan with cherry preserves. They boost the romance level incredibly and taste really good.

Spiced Pomegranate Cocktail
This vodka-based cocktail has the piquant sweetness of a pomegranate combined with the bitterness of barrel-aged whiskey. Mint adds a hint of freshness and a splash of color that makes the cocktail look and taste truly yummy.



Raspberry Champagne Float
This gorgeous blush drink is as tasty as it is easy to prepare. Just mix a scoop of cool raspberry sherbet into a glass of champagne and you are ready to go. It’s an incredibly light and sweet drink that will make your loved one smile right after the first sip.

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