One-Of-A-Kind Bouquets That You Can Eat


Getting a lovely bouquet of gorgeous flowers as a present is undoubtedly nice. What woman doesn’t like flowers or the attention that comes with them. Bouquets are a very sweet gesture, and if you remember to put them in vase with water they brighten your room for a couple of days. However, by the end of the week you’re inevitably going to end up with a sad picture of wilted, partially dried up bouquet that’s falling apart. It’s unfortunate, but true. But what if we told you that you can get a beautiful bouquet that won’t die on you and in fact will prove to be useful when you’re feeling a bit peckish?
Karolina Samale has come up with a brilliant idea – edible bouquets. She creates them using fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each of the bouquets usually weighs 2 to 3 kilograms and looks absolutely stunning. She really has a talent for making an assortment of fruit and veggies look like a work of art. And we’re not just saying they look good for what they are, no they actually look gorgeous, and having see them you’ll probably want one of these edible bouquets for yourself.



1. Grapefruit, lime, pineapple and sage. A tropical cocktail in the making.
One-Of-A-Kind Bouquets That You Can Eat 01

2. Dragon fruits, lemon, avocado and radishes. Bright, beautiful and full of vitamins.
One-Of-A-Kind Bouquets That You Can Eat 02

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