The Craziest Parisian Desserts Matched With Men Shoes


Dressing for the occasion takes on a whole new meaning when you start considering what shoes would match your dessert. But hey, to each their own. After all we’re all allowed to have our hobbies, however weird they may seem. Instagram account Desserted_in_Paris has a rather peculiar pastime. They post pictures of some of the most gorgeous looking, and no doubt delicious Parisian desserts matched with men’s shows from their personal collection. This man clearly has a lot of shoes, and all of them look so incredible you’ll probably feel jealous. So if you like nice shoes and have a sweet tooth – take a look at this.



1. Even the shoes look delicious and like they’re made of chocolate, am I right?



2. Wear the rainbow – taste the rainbow.



3. Wanna feel extra cool? Black shoes and black macaroons are all you need.

4. Turns out hamburger vans and a big box of macaroons are a match made in heaven.



5. You know it’s gonna be a good day when your pink shoes and yellow socks match your dessert.

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