The World’s Most SUCCESSFUL Travel Bloggers – Revealed!


Hundreds of people venture into the wild to explore exotic cities, try unusual cuisines and spend nights at the world’s most peculiar hotels. But most of them still come home after a while, whether it’s a week or a whole year. And then there are people who turn traveling into their lifestyle. More often than not they start their own travel blogs and get ridiculously successful with what they do. Can you imagine a life of never-ending journey? It might seem like fun, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done while on the road. Easier said than done! Here are the most successful bloggers in the world who manage to not only travel, but also make a living out of it.



Meet Lauren Bullen, 24, and Jack Morris, 26. They each have millions of followers (1.2 for Lauren and 2 million for Jack to be exact). They earn around $9000 per photo posted on Instagram, which makes them a real gold mine for advertising companies and tourism organizations.



Jack writes his own blog ‘Do You Travel’, while Lauren is also a writer and has a blog of her own called ‘Gypsea Lust’. The couple met last year to do a project on Fiji together and now they’re celebrating their first anniversary.

Jack is from Manchester, England. He was born in a small village and did skateboarding for most of his childhood. In fact, back in the day this was his only passion! He did skateboarding for 9 years and thought it would become his occupation.



He skipped college to pursue his skateboarding dream and became pretty successful with it. He got featured in some magazines and found a few sponsors, but as time went by his passion started wearing out. In 2008 he fractured his knee and it became a turning point that changed his life.

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