12 Signs You’re Giving Off Negative Energy


Sometimes, when you’re stressed out in life, it can feel like a grey cloud is following you wherever you go. Manifested in social situations, that grey cloud is negative energy, impacting you and the people around you. Sometimes, we can be totally unaware that we’re giving off this negative energy, which makes it hard to stop perpetuating the cycle. Here are some signs that you might be exuding these vibes, so you can take action to stop them!



1. You only see the negative in others, and think that everyone has a problem. If you have an issue with everyone, you might be the issue!



2. You bond with people over talking smack. You only find joy in whining or being cynical, which pulls other people down. Try not to gossip about others and talk about smile-inducing stuff instead!

3. You tend to work very late at night. It’s a good rule to not bring work home. Work on a to-do list to help you reprioritize time (especially me-time!)



4. You have a stressful living situation – perhaps you live with a messy roommate or significant other. If the person you live with is stressing you out in your domestic life, it can affect the vibes you give off to other people.

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