13 Things Having An Independent Mom Will Teach You


13 Things Having An Independent Mom Will Teach You 1
1. Not having a constant father figure, or having a mom that didn’t rely on him is an especially strong message. In so many relationships, women are dependent on men for things like finances, and security, and for your mom to be secure in all that stuff on her own, it takes a pretty strong woman. You’ll spend your life holding yourself to that standard, and it’s a good thing.


2. Never let the boss see you cry. Mom’s shown you how to be strong through thick and thin – there’s always time to cry later.

3. She taught you that you don’t need a man, or anybody, to complete you. You complete yourself, and if you ever forget that, you just need to find ways to remind yourself of your beauty. For these reasons, after you go through a rough breakup, you heal a little faster. Because you know that if you were treated like a doormat, he didn’t deserve it. And when you’re single, it doesn’t really bother you, it just gives you more time to focus on yourself.

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