14 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself and be a Better You


11. Try volunteering! Helping others can often bring yourself joy, and a strong feeling of self-fulfillment and purpose. It can even be a path to becoming your own role model and hero.



12. Speaking of heroes, pick up a book about the anti-heroine or binge watch a girl power series! Often, the main female protagonist in a book or movie is weak an insecure, or dependent on men or others. Find a badass, confident heroine and look to her as your goddess until you become your own.

13. Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses! Don’t beat yourself up or practice negative self talk. You are stunning, and intelligent, and innovative, and every bit is worth loving – even your weaknesses. Stop seeing them as such, and just see them as traits that exist and are equally beautiful, but that you try to self-improve on.



14. When you do get into relationships, remember to focus on a sense of independence rather than taking on the identity of a “wife” or “girlfriend”, because that can diminish your accomplishments and how amazing you are on your own! And post break-up, you will be able to heal faster because you’ll still be in love with yourself.

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