19 Little Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Day


10. Spending hours on Netflix when you make a promise to yourself to just watch one episode. Let’s be real: who has ever watched just one episode.



11. Saying, “If I had more time, I would have done this.” Excuses and poor time management are the culprits behind this one! Own up to things and stay mindful and responsible – it’ll help you in the long run.



12. What we like to call “the snooze button” lie. Whenever you say “five more minutes “, it’s really more like 30 more minutes.

13. Thinking that you have a balance in your life and you’re not a workaholic when it’s only because you’re inside the situation – you really might be a workaholic but it’s hard to see that when you’re high-functioning and not seeing from an outside perspective.



14. Telling ourselves that we’ve over someone more than we really are.



15. “I’m not going to do anything on the first date” Yeah, right. Oh, self control what a confusing.



16. Saying, “If I cut corners, I can afford this”. Nope, even if you end up eating canned tuna the rest of the year, this will still make a dent in your wallet. But hey, worth it for fashion right? Not really, but whatever.



17. Having a holier-than-thou attitude and that you don’t judge others. We all like to think we’re fair, but you know deep down that you talk smack just like everybody else.



18. Saying that you’re too old for something. Many people make accomplishments well into their sixties and seventies (Nelson Mandela, anyone?) And youth is a state of mind, so don’t sell yourself short with that line.



19. Promising to cook healthy the whole week and to only get takeout once. When in reality, you know it’s going to go: pizza, pad thai, microwave macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti and tomato sauce that you will count as cooking, but let’s be real.

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