Couple Hikes Mount Everest For Their Epic Wedding, And The Photos Will Take Your Breath Away


Coolest couple ever award goes to James and Ashley. Most couples spend the year before their wedding tasting cake, choosing between cream and eggshell, and finding the perfect dress. Not for James and Ashley. This couple decided to spend the year preceding their wedding training for hiking Mount Everest and having their actual wedding there.



This woman is the opposite of a bridezilla – she was cool enough to do part of the trek in her dress. Serious badass. While you might say, “no thanks” and opt out of this unconventional wedding, it sounds like an awesome way to make your relationship stronger, have a memorable bonding experience (more than dealing with fighting relatives!), and a once-in a lifetime experience where you get to motivate your better half.

These two lovebirds spent a whopping three weeks hiking to the Nepal base camp of Everest (at 17,000 feet. Could you look that sexy with altitude sickness?) And tying the knot there. Why rent a church or some fancy venue when you have the world’s most striking organic decor amongst its natural wonders?

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