How Creepy Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Find out how creepy are you based on your Zodiac sign!



1. Aries
You can’t stop thinking about death. Weather it’s worrying about all the ways you can die on your way to work, or just casually wondering about what’s it like to die. You just can’t help yourself. You’re fascinated by death. Your friends aren’t if they should put you on suicide watch or worry about you becoming a serial killer one day.



2. Taurus
Thank god for social media, because if you couldn’t stalk people online you’d do it in real life. You’re a master when it comes to finding out absolutely everything you can about a person online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you’ll find it all and utilize it to the max. Good news if you want to be a private detective, but bad news for your ex.

3. Gemini
You’re a very convincing liar. You can lie your way out of any situation and you’ll do it with style and grace unimaginable to others. While it’s a useful skill, be careful, because you’re basically on your way to becoming a pathological liar.



4. Cancer
So you know how people have hobbies and pastimes? You have obsessions. It’s lucky if the thing you obsess over is a thing, it’s worse when it’s a person though. You get so obsessive with your romantic interests that you lose yourself and they become the only thing that matters in your life. And if things go south you get downright terrifying.

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