Sleeping with a Baby Bump: Best Positions During Pregnancy


Sleeping with a Baby Bump Best Positions While Pregnancy 1
Getting comfortable at night is not an easy task. But it turns into mission impossible when you are pregnant. Your stomach gets bigger, your back gets tired at the end of the day and hurts, you feel short of breath and heartburn sometimes. So instead of getting the much needed sleep you keep rocking and rolling in your bed to find the best position for you and your baby. Of course, sleeping positions are individual, but there are several tips that pregnant women should remember to feel more comfortable at night.

Sleeping with a Baby Bump Best Positions While Pregnancy 2That’s the saving position for most pregnant women. The so called SOS actually means sleep on side. It is more recommended to sleep on left side. This position enables the flow of blood and nutrients to your abdomen. Your kidneys also work better when you lay on your left side, and you get rid of extra liquid in your body, so your feet and hands will not swallow next morning. Sleeping on your right side is also good, but in this position your liver gets more pressure, so left is still the most optimal.

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