The 7 Most Feminist Disney Princesses Ever


Let’s be real – Disney isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to feminism. But fortunately, some feminist princesses out there exist. And are the ones that we should be using as role models for our daughters and sisters, showing them that they can be just as strong and confident as some annoying, mansplaining prince. Boy, bye.



1. Jasmine
Jasmine was an OG feminist because she didn’t need dudes to validate how cool she was. The first time we see her, she rejects a guy who proposes. Then, she defies her father’s rule and leaves the palace, eventually showing everything that she’s not interested in a pissing contest between guys. Best line? “I am not a prize to be won.” Listen and learn, ladies.
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2. Tiana
She had entrepreneurial dreams – remembe, she wanted to open a restaurant? She works hard to earn her money (two jobs) to back her restaurant and focuses on her businesswoman hustle rather than silly boys (Naveen). That’s a true independent and ambitious lady – she should inspire all of us to follow our dreams. We don’t need a sugar daddy to be successful!
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3. Megara
This is one of the most independent princesses out there. And one of the most blatantly sarcastic and cynical ones. This would be considered bitchy by men in the real world but it’s just beautiful, unadulterated sass from the confident Megara, and she’s the only princess to get such a heavy dose of sarcasm. We don’t have to be docile! But apparently, her only weakness is her ankles. Now that’s a strong woman!
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