The Breathtaking Beauty of Albinos Was Captured By A Photographer


Artist Yulia Taits is based in Israel, and recently came out with a photo series called “The Porcelain Beauty Project” where she explores the world of albinos, and wanted the rest of the world to see them as beautiful, as she did. Albinism is a genetic condition that is inherited, and reduces the melanin pigment in skin, eyes and hair.



Taits used children, men and women agains’t a white backdrop. The point of the white backdrop and white props or different shades and intensity speaks to the complexity of albinism.

The hypnotizing series plays with white on white, like the albino rat sitting on this subject’s shoulder! Which also highlights the ridiculous red eyes stereotype of albinos, as none of these subjects have them.



Taits says that as a photographer, she has “a passion to create fantasy world through my work and artistry”. She sees albinism as a beautiful fairytale in this sense, due to the fact that their beauty is “so pure.” It’s a lovely, much-needed perspective since in so many parts of the world, albinism is stigmatized.

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