The Breathtaking Beauty of Albinos Was Captured By A Photographer


Instead of using professional models (there are some pretty gorgeous ones like Diandra Forrest), Taits instead found her subjects by posting a request on a private albinism Facebook group asking for volunteers.



She didn’t use any Photoshop in her images – instead, she wanted to prove that white wasn’t just one color by incorporating natural tints, shades, and contrasts. Taits says “what transpired was pure natural beauty. All the photographs were taken in white tones with no additional coloring.”

Not gonna lie, some of the men in this shoot make us want an albino boo ASAP. So sexy and such a natural supermodel look. So while Taits raises awareness and educates us, she’s also blessing us with some fine human beings to gaze at in the process. We don’t know why anyone would be cruel about this condition – it’s breathtaking