These Are Your Biggest Weaknesses, According To Your Zodiac Signs


Nobody’s perfect – we all have our flaws, and it’s our jobs as good human beings to discover and work on them to make ourselves better members of society. Here’s the Achilles heel of every sign, and the less positive traits you can watch out for, and try to work on every day.



Your weakness lies in having a hot temper, lashing out, and impulsively saying things you don’t mean. Think before you speak, Aries! Try to refrain from saying stuff you don’t mean out of anger. Instead, handle things diplomatically, not all ratchet-like.



You need to work on feeling sorry for yourself and being self-indulgent. Snap out of it Taurus! It’s fine to retreat for a day, but you need to buck up. Don’t run away for more than that – people care about you and you should be receptive of that, and of the possibility of reconciliation

Your flaw is stubbornly disputing to the end – your analytical skills here aren’t a plus, but they are tedious and annoying. It seems like sometimes you’ve never even heard the phrase “let’s agree to disagree.” Instead of needing to be right all the time, why don’t you take the smartie pants factor down a notch and just let it be once in a while.



Your shortcoming is being too emotional! And most of it goes back to your mom, weirdly enough. Making your mom the epicenter of your life is ruining it – either you hate her and you guys have a lifelong feud, or you’re a little too attached. You’re focusing too much on validation – be an adult and take the reins on your own life.

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