Ways to Rationalize Spending All Of Your Money On Food


We all know we should really cook at home and not spend all of our money on restaurants and takeout. After all, it’s just food, it’s not something that creates a lasting impression and we don’t get to keep it for a long time. We like fantasizing about how one day we’ll save enough money for a round the world trip, or the house of our dreams, or a really nice car, or perhaps a closet full of designer shoes. On our better days we even think about how we’d like to donate some money to charities. But the hard truth is, a lot of the time we still end up spending most of our money on food. Today we decided to indulge you a little bit and list a couple of ways we like to rationalize spending all of our money on food. So take a look, relate and we hope this makes you smile.



1. Monday mornings are hard enough, I deserve a Starbuck’s with everything.



2. Oh sh*t, I forgot to pack lunch. Again. Oh well. I’ll just have a burrito instead.



3. I swear I thought I had something edible in the fridge. Oh well, takeout it is tonight.

4. New day, new me. I’ll just have a black coffee instead of a caramel frappucino. Look at me saving money.



5. Hey I did have my coffee black this morning, that totally justifies buying that donut, right?

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