What Disney Princess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign


Leo – Merida
Merida is such a leo. She’s brave and she loves freedom. You can’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She will create her own path in life and do what makes her happy. Like a perfect Leo she also loved being outside in the nature and would rather play sports and ride her horse and climb mountains and drink from waterfalls than sit at home and be a perfect little princess.
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Virgo – Aurora
Virgos are usually quiet, timid and a bit shy. They’re not the ones to start a revolution. Quite fitting for our Sleeping Beauty, don’t you think? They’re gentle, and calm, and sincere. All the character traits we see in Aurora when she get awaken by her Prince.
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Libra – Rapunzel
Libras love to have a purpose. They need to be doing something or talking to someone all the time, otherwise they feel bored and restless. Which is exactly how Rapunzel felt when she was stuck in that tower. But once she gets out, and gets some company you see how excited she is about life.
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Scorpio – Ariel
Scorpios are very determined people. They hate being restricted and when things don’t go according to plan. They have a strong will and are prepared to do anything if that means they’ll achieve their goals. Ariel wanted to live a human life and get rid of her tail and she went to great lengths to make her dream come true.
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