What Disney Princess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius – Pocahontas
Pocahontas has a very peaceful and loving nature and cares a lot about animals, which are all classic Sagittarius traits. They also fall in love easily, quickly and very deeply, just like Pocahontas fell for John.
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Capricorn – Jane
Capricorns are determined, smart and very ambitious. They’re not scared of new and unknown things, instead they want to embrace them and learn all about them, to further their knowledge and satiate their thirst for learning. They also love taking a very hands on approach instead of just relying on the books. Which is exactly why Jane travelled to the jungle with her father.
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Aquarius – Snow White
Those whose zodiac sign is Aquarius are usually great humanitarians and have a very accepting nature. They believe everyone is equal and therefore should be treated accordingly. Sounds just like Snow White, who managed to live with 7 tiny men with various personalities and still got along with all of them just fine.
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Pisces – Belle
Belle, a typical pisces, is an intelligent, creative, sort of introverted lady. She isn’t impressed by wealth and shiny facades. She’s very caring, to the point where sometimes she is happy to put others before her. She looks for what’s within, which is exactly how she managed to see the good in the Beast.
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