What Men Hate Hearing Based To Their Zodiac Sign


Whether you’re a true believer who thinks astrology rules the world, or you think it’s all a bit ridiculous, you’ve probably read a couple of horoscopes in your time. It’s really up to you if you want to take it seriously or just read it for your own amusement, but there is a belief that Zodiac signs are linked to certain character traits. That’s why you hear people say stuff like “oh he’s such a Leo” or “typical Pisces”. Today we decided to take a look at the most prominent character traits that men have according to their Zodiac sign and see what kinds of things they hate hearing.



Phrase to avoid: “We will do this as I see fit!”
Aries men are born leaders. They love being in charge and they want things to be done their way. They want to feel like their decisions matter and like they’re responsible for the choice they make. They appear strong-willed and confident on a good day, and can come off a bit arrogant when things don’t go according to their plan. So if you want to keep an Aries man happy and still get things done your way – you’re going to have to be sneaky. A straight up dominating partner will make an Aries man miserable.



Phrase to avoid: “I’m not looking for anything serious”
Taurus men can appear shy and mellow, but as everyone knows, once you provoke them, they will attack. They’re generally very loyal and devoted partners. Sure, they can be stubborn, they don’t open up easily, but once they do they’re in for the long run. Saying “I’m not looking for anything serious” to a Taurus you’ve been seeing for a while is like a slap across the face. It hurts them on a personal level and leaves them no choice but to withdraw or start a fight that will end with a breakup.

Phrase to avoid: “Let’s establish a routine”
Gemini men are usually very chatty and have a way with words. They are brilliant at expressing their feelings and emotions, showering you with compliments and choosing the right words to make you feel like the most gorgeous person in the world. They’re very energetic and agile by nature and have a constant need to discover new things and explore the world they live in. Gemini love travelling and going on all sorts of adventures. So it’s really no surprise that any mention of a routine will put a damper on their mood in the best case scenario and will put them off you altogether in the worst.



Phrase to avoid: “I don’t need you.”
Cancer men like to feel needed. It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s about huge life decisions or changing the lightbulb – they want to be one to save the day. They’re constantly in problem solving mode. While you’re having a nice meal at the restaurant and the table’s a little shaky they want to fix the table, when you’re in a car enjoying the ride – they’re listening to the engine to make sure it’s not broken. You might think they’re overly fixated on helping and fixing things, but really it’s just what makes them feel important and needed. If you say “I don’t need your help” they feel like they don’t matter to you.

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