The Creepiest Kids Toys That Even Give Grown-Ups Nightmares


Toys and dolls can be cute, but they can also look possessed. A toy can go from cute to horror film protagonist, in some cases. Well, with these toys, in all cases. Something went terribly wrong with these disturbing toys that look more like pure evil than they do fun.



1. Is your kid not really into Malibu Barbie’s pink Jeep? This demented version is a one-eyed, wrinkly brain with a horrifying set of teeth and veins to match. This kid actually looks weirdly giddy about riding it, though, so maybe we’re missing something.



2. Really no idea what the creative process for this grotesque doll was. And we are dying to know the translation of what this says. Any child who is a fan of cats will be thoroughly traumatized by this gutted kitty in a bag.

3. Fake poop is a pretty standard gag gift, but as a toy by Play-Doh marketed as a fun activity for children? Not so sure about this one. The mold it comes with makes us feel uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the optional pieces of corn you can mold into the poo-dough.

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